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Solo – Dzo Jongo & Unnamed Peak

Climbing big mountains can be quite demanding. One of the most important aspects of ascending big mountains is how well one acclimatises to be able to climb at high altitudes. I went to Ladakh a couple of weeks earlier than the Expedition to Kun. The idea was to go over high passes and climb a couple of 6000 plus peaks in order to acclimatise well in time for Kun. I chose to climb Dzo Jongo and another peak in the Merkha Valley.

12 – 13 June 2015

36 to 48 hours of acclimatisation at about 11000 ft in Leh before venturing into the mountains is advisable. This can be a boring affair. Fortunately, I went to watch a polo match with Sam, my friend since many years. I also bought my rations, fuel and sundries during those two days in Leh.

14 June 2015

The hike to Chuskarmo was ruined by rains. I had a sunny break in between, but it was mostly overcast and rainy. I got some good shots of the valley and the river when the sun was out. By the time I reached Chuskarmo, I was drenched.

15 June 2015 

It was still quite early in the season. So the route between Chuskarmo and Nimaling had so many sections that were covered in snow and ice. At many places, the river was still under a blanket of snow. The trek to Nimaling via Gongmaru La was also marred by heavy precipitation; rains in the morning and heavy snowfall as I gained altitude.

There was near zero visibility on top of Gongmaru La. The heavy snow fall didn’t help at all. I still made it to Nimaling via Gongmaru La in about 6.5 hours with loads well in excess of 20 kilos.

16 June 2015