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About Jerry MP

Adventures of a lifetime!

Jerry is the owner and founder of Randomadventurez. He specializes in outfitting high altitude Himalayan Mountaineering Expeditions, organising Hiking trips to off beat trails, guiding clients on high alpine routes, leading ski-mo adventures or ski tours. He is equally adept on skis or crampons be it climbing high alpine peaks or descending big mountains on skis. He works for the majority of the year in The Himalayas and its subranges like the Dhauladhar, Zanskar, Gon Kargil and has experience climbing or leading mountaineering expeditions, skiing and trekking adventures in Kashmir, Himachal, Ladakh, Sikkim, Uttaranchal, Nepal and Afghanistan. 


With degrees in Mathematics and International Business and a professional background in Aviation and IT (Disaster Recovery, Data Replication, High Availibility and Enterprise Storage Solutions) The High Mountains of the Himalayas, Karakoram, Hindukush and the like, were always his calling and in that regard he has been climbing, skiing and professionally leading expeditions since 2008. Randomadventurez is a moniker he uses to encourage spontaneity among friends and acquaintances to take up mountain sports. His expedition experience includes ascent of several 7000+ Himalayan Peaks, Ski Descent of several high Himalayan Peaks and too many Himalayan 6000 meter peaks to mention. Jerry prides himself on providing exceptional quality trips at international guiding standards. The emphasis is always on expedition readiness of the team, skill set and physical conditioning. There are always alternative plans and a strategic approach to tackle the objective. Jerry is also an active contributor on Mountaineering Forums like SummitPost and Indian-Mountaineers. When not leading an expedition, you are likely to find him climbing some high peak or skiing somewhere in the Himalayas be it lift accessed backcountry or a multiday  ski descent from a big mountain. 

Credentials & Experience
  •  An alumnus of prestigious Mountaineering Institutions such as HMI, JIM & WS and NIM.

  •  6400m Chakula Solo Ascent from Chumathang

  •  7137m Indo-Irish Expedition to Nun (Leader); South Face

  •  7077m Kun Indo-Irish Expedition (Leader); East Ridge

  •  6400m Kang Yatse Main Summit; 2 member Alpine Ascent

  •  6635m Chumser West Face (multiple ascents & ski descents)

  •  6667m Lungser West Face (Leader)

  •  6250m Kang Yatse 2 (multiple ascents, including two ski descents)

  •  6150m Mentok 2 (multiple ascents, as leader)

  •  6277m Mentok Main Summit (multiple ascents as leader)

  •  6150 Spangnak East Face

  •  6300 Spangnak Ri West Face

  •  6250m Phalung Shumo East Face (solo)

  •  5760m DKD2

  • Exploratory Ski Tour/Ski-mo trip to Central Afghanistan 3500-4500m (solo)

  • Exploratory Ski Tours to Himachal (Solang Valley & Beas Kund areas)

  • Multiple Winter and early spring Exploratory Ski tours and Ski-mo trips to Ladakh at altitudes consistently above 5000m

  • Too many high points & peaks above 5000 and 6000m to mention, across Ladakh, Himachal, Sikkim Himalayas, East Karakoram & Hindukush

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