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Baba Mountains (Afghanistan)

While this was a recce sort of a trip, I thoroughly enjoyed skiing and hiking in Afghanistan. The central highlands are not very high compared to most of my usual affairs (affairs of the mountain sort *grins*); but I went towards the end of Feb when it is still very cold. Besides, I didn’t want to risk too much on this trip, because this was supposed to be a trip where I was to gather info about adventures in the future to more remote locations such as Badakhshan. So armed with my 🎿 touring kit, I set off to explore the central highlands of Afghanistan. The skiing was amazing, the food – amazing, the people – amazing, the women – pretty, what more can one desire for. 

Skin track on a hill near Chhap Dhara, a beautiful village, not far from the town. 

Bonjon (Dari for Eggplant)

One of the many hills near Chhap Dhara. The snow was so good. And the skiing was awesome

Sheekh Kebab – My favorite 😘

A couple of skiers on a distant slope. 

Views from the road on the way back after a ski tour

Mantoo – Beef dumpling stew

A rough day (had to hike a couple of hours to the snowline)

Mountains near a village called Jowkher 

Kids from the Village (this is the calm before the storm 🤣)

Lavish meal @ Jowkher 

Kids intrigued by the ski kit

@Burgasoo. A boy flaunting his skis (made at the village)

One of the countless slopes just an hours hike from the Village.

Kids from a village near Garganathoo

A chilly, windy day at Band-e-Amir (Dharmatma?)

Beef 😁

The best rice ever. Simple uncomplicated recipe “Pulav”

On the way back to Kabul (with my driver friend and his kid)

There were hundreds of pictures and lots of videos. Hope to share a few more in time.

(This blog entry is still being worked upon; check again later)

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