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Baba Mountains (Afghanistan)

While this was a recce sort of a trip, I thoroughly enjoyed skiing and hiking in Afghanistan. The central highlands are not very high compared to most of my usual affairs (affairs of the mountain sort *grins*); but I went towards the end of Feb when it is still very cold. Besides, I didn’t want to risk too much on this trip, because this was supposed to be a trip where I was to gather info about adventures in the future to more remote locations such as Badakhshan. So armed with my 🎿 touring kit, I set off to explore the central highlands of Afghanistan. The skiing was amazing, the food – amazing, the people – amazing, the women – pretty, what more can one desire for. 

There were hundreds of pictures and lots of videos. Hope to share a few more in time.

(This blog entry is still being worked upon; check again later)

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