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Round 2 – After Kang Yatse

Sridharan caught up with me in Leh after his hike in the Beas Kund area. He had been in Leh a couple of days while I was away attempting Kang Yatse. I was exhausted after skiing down Kang Yatse in five days. So I decided to stay at Leh for two or three days. Sridharan was OK with it. We agreed to climb a 6600+ mountain in the Tso Moriri area. I thought, since the mountain was not technical and I had my ski’s with me, what the heck, why not use ’em. :p

Initially we had a lot of time to climb the mountain (almost two weeks) but had to make do with just 5 days from Leh to the mountain and back to Leh; one of those days was used up in reaching the Lake and one to drive back.

Since I have resolved to keep this post brief, I’ll spare the details. In a nutshell, on a side excursion I managed to fracture my little finger (there were three stitches too to spice things up ;)). So I needed about eight days to kind of recover. Sridharan and I still decided to go through with the adventure but at a much swifter pace because we needed atleast a day or two in Leh before returning to our respective homes. Ill try to depict the rest of the trip in pictures ….. :p 

It was such an anticlimactic end to such an anticlimactic trip. With some more time, we could have made so much of this outing, but for the little accident I had. Perhaps another time. 

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