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Ice Rock Ice Screw

Ice Rock Ice Screw

Ice screw Zippy combines all the latest trends in the mountaineering industry:

ergonomic foldable handle ensures comfortable usage and transportation;

- the head design enables it to be wound in to the ice with the help of the palm as well as the winding handle. The head fits comfortably in the palm which makes it easy to start and spin in with relative ease;

- the head of the ice screw is designed with a smooth eyelet enabling rope attachment with or without carabiner;

- the colour of the head is specially chosen to make the ice screw visible;

- the best modern materials are used in their production: the tube and the foldable handle are made from high-strength stainless steel AISI 420, the head is  made from aircraft-grade aluminium;

- the handles are colour-coded for easy size recognition. They come in three different colours ( green, blue and red);

perfectly polished inner surface of the ice screw enables smooth screwing and unscrewing even in the toughest of ice substrates;

aggressive sharp teeth easily penetrate the toughest ice;

certified EN-586:2007 and UIAA-151.

  • Tech Specs

    - Weight: 137g, 157g, 177g;
    - Size: 140 mm, 180 mm, 220 mm; 
    - Material: stainless steel AISI 420;
    - Certificates: EN-568 and UIAA-151.

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